A New Life Or Do You Just Keep Working With No Real Results

housesitThink of what is been said here. A New Life Or Do You Just Keep Working With No Real Results

Do you have a job, which is just really a job? Is it giving you the satisfaction you desire?

Maybe a worker, manager, CEO etc. Working damned hard thinking of your deadlines and hey how many end up in divorce or married 2 or 3 times? Watching Under Cover Boss it is amazing how many high flyers don’t realize what is happening out there and or they realize their own life’s too much work and not enough time for family. No matter who you are its tough, BUT!

Its a fact, unless you really love your job and get amazing results with an amazingly big profit.

Are You Really Making The Most Out Of Life?

You may have already seen my story and want to know more or you have come across this post with an open mind.

In short, I lost my life’s memories pre car accident, at the age of 30.  Then it was building up my life to be as good as possible, with the best results and maybe making money to live and enjoy it a bit.

The worst part is I did an amazing job. 20 odd months after the accident I was in charge of warranty South Pacific Region, for several international industrial companies.

Looking back now it was a HUGE problem and many people, maybe like you have made the same mistake.

Not knowing anyone or anything my mind was focused 100% on ensuring I had a job, had a career, and prove it could be done.

The specialists said the best job my brain could handle would be cleaning toilets, or something similar. For the next few years, I worked many hours, self-taught Excel Macros and learned how to touch type 100 words in approx 3 days.

Flew around the country talking to people in the industry and really out there.

Then the department was closed down and ended up in a branch doing mundane work.

Now you may be new to work or been in the workforce for a while.

It’s important to understand what is that important in life. No matter if you are a mechanic, sales or management etc.

Are the hours your working truly worth what you are doing in life?

What are these like?

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Stress
  4. Happiness

Now you could be thinking “Yeah well Stress is part of life, the family understanding and when retiring will be happy with the money made.

Do you think something like that?

Watching the program “Undercover Boss” It is interesting this one particular program where the CEO said to his daughter. “I’ve worked too many hours and want to give more time to the family” The daughter was crying and said “I understand but you (dad) have given us more than most families dream about”

That was an interesting conversation. On one had Dad saw he missed out on so much. The daughter was thankful for having what most families never have.

Was the daughter so wrapped up in having everything, but, she was crying and looking at her it’s hard to think she didn’t realize what she missed out on.

What dads should do, evening time with the children, helping out with homework and that stuff.

Maybe, just a soft soul and missing out on my son’s growing up and not realizing what was happening.

Now with the Internet, it sort of makes you wonder is there a better way?

Could you make the money online without having to work the long hard hours that many do?

You have 2 types of people

  1. The real internet business
  2. The Scammer

So I wrote a book and you can get a book on scams to understand how they manipulate people looking at making money online.

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So you want to still make more money and how can you without working the long hours?

It’s pretty simple really.




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It will show you how to start working in your home environment. The best way to improve your

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  3. Family life

Without having to work long hours.

Some of the good things about working online

  1. have a blog it works 24/7
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  5. Have Time

Have a look and see how it will work with you

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