How to write a book and publish it. Find out how easy it is

read-these-booksIf you write books and just starting or writing books and unsure how to go about publishing them.

The following will out line how books I’ve written have been created from the book software to the final publishing. This has helped me publish books and start getting readers etc.

The first part of course is having an idea. It does not matter what you write about. The point is anyone can write a book and publish it now.

One time before computers it was difficult as they had to be paper version. Now days we have the electronic e-book.

This has revolutionised the way books are distributed worldwide.

There are many ways of writing a book and having it published and here today will show you how to

First The Idea

Of course its the idea, now writing is an art, yet, anyone will be able to write the book and make a difference, With Word it makes it easier and spell and grammar checks certainly make a difference

Second The Software

Having the ideas, the books I’ve written the program which is very easy to use is you have the option of writing it first in Word and transfer it across or write it directly to It is FREE to join and once there you have many options including the cover page which you are able to change as required. They do have sample copies. Then follow the sequence. They have already set up pages which you can delete or just fill in the gaps.

It does allow you to write a book free or if its a very long book there is a small fee. Once finished you are able to publish it.

It will send you a copy in PDF, MOBI, epub and JPG of the pages. This allows you to have a paper and e-book version

Third Distribution

You have many different ways of distributing the book/s. You can do posts in your blog on Kindle and various other websites. You can write Articles etc to bring it to the attention of people on the web.

Forth Amazon

There are other website to have the book online for sale on. And today will show you how Amazon allows you to Market the book

First you need a Kindle Account: this is free to join. You then follow the steps and load the book to Kindle. Once submitted it takes about 24 hours for it to become live Looking like this A Website Book

Once again you can market this and it is on Amazon and it will become available to read

Fifth Author

Now you are an author, this is pretty amazing. Good on you, high Five!! So now you go to “Author Central

Here you have 4 pages

  1. Author About Page
  2. Books, listing your books
  3. Sales info
    1. It shows Sales rank, Author rank and be able to move your book into a paper type book
  4. List of customer reviews

Then you page will look similar to this:

Sixth Sales

Then it the push and the marketing to ensure the books are seen and sales. You will note that in the Kindle pages there are links to allow you to promote the book and other links.

So now you know what to do go ahead and write your book, add to Kindle and sell.

Its that easy.

At present there are several books in my page, and soon will have my autobiography to list there as well.




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