Where can Entrepreneurs Live and What Flashy Home Would You Own

Just think of where you want to live and what would you own if you were an Entrepreneur

img_1846Imagine a Million Dollar House, Mansion maybe on a fancy launch off the coast of a Resort?

Imagine the possibilities, well let’s do something and imagine this

In the past, there have been many people who have started an online business and they end up owning amazing houses, mansions and all types of places most people dream about. It won’t change anytime soon.

Maybe this person is a bit different. Here is where I live: All over South Australia.

You see it is amazing to be able to afford a home which you can be proud of.

In fact, not that long ago there was one entrepreneur who was doing very well and moved house 3 times in as many months.

Now when you can buy where you want to live. The bottom line is where you buy is it going to be where you want to live?

Just dream for a minute and find that you have the money to live where you want. Then buy and move in. Then find out the neighbors are

  • Not your type
  • The internet is dead slow
  • It just didn’t seem as good
  • etc

It happens, so here I’m moving around South Australia looking for the best place to live. You know always wanted to live near the sea or even near a river. So instead of spending a lot of money to move. My latest plan has been to house sit.

Many people want people to look after their pets while they go on vacation and prefer people to look after their house, pets and make the house look lived in.


This is the best thing, living in different areas, met different people given them something to think about and given the option yes it’s a good area or not.

Then ¬†another upside is that next year (2017) it might be time to travel overseas and interstate for a long trip. So thinking why own a place when traveling? (I think it’s the gypsey in me)

Imagine that when working with me and you live in a different country, state etc. There is a good possibility that You will be able to drop in and talk to you.

So take the step and join up and see what’s allowing me to travel long term in the future



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After several years working online. It is my pleasure to pass on the information learn't to ensure my education to you for a better future online

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