Your Mindset

How To Improve Your Mindset. Removing negative thoughts to a positive future. Find out what holds people back

Meaning of Mindset mindset ˈmʌɪn(d)sɛt/ noun

  1. the established set of attitudes held by someone.

No matter what you do you need the right Mindset which will put you ahead of the rest. Think of these two sayings and think are these good comments? For which is the correct Positive mind?

  • "Great effort! You've tried your best"
  • "Don't worry. You'll get it if you keep trying."

Ever said either of these comments to anyone at all? Do you realise how bad this is to your Mindset? There are two types of mindset and we must get the right mindset to ensure future growth Lets look at these mindsets

  1. Fixed mindsets
    1. This mindset will go towards a goal with a performance goal, which proves to themselves that they can prove once and for all they can do it. This will point to failure and may limit opportunities. It is limited and sort of what do I do now attitude
  2. Growth mindsets.
    1. Then there are the people with the growth mindset. When you watch these people they are looking and focusing what they can do to grow and improve. They will change often and will fail, and they will change and experiment as much as possible to get ahead.
    2. So when talking to people I don’t like to use expressions which put them down as they will have their defences up straight away and will ensure they chance of success less likely. As when you put them down in a negative way they will struggle to get up. The best key to get the right mindset is to praise and discuss the options with people who are still learning or stuck in that “Fixed Mindset
    3. If it wasn’t for my mindset and specialist say with head injuries and spinal injuries and there is no future, even my wife was convinced we parted company shortly after. Not knowing the future back in ’90 not sure what to do.
    4. Well fixed on getting ahead this is what I have done, there are many more pluses
      1. Start a business
      2. Run a marathon
      3. Learn to touch type
      4. Take on a management role
      5. Get fit
      6. Do a course
      7. Changing to a different field or sport, work etc.
      8. Write a book
      9. Learn Ballroom/Latin dancing
      10. Take risks, not once when a reason arises


One key to coaching mindset beliefs in people is to motivate and give confidence. Here are 8 tips for promoting a Growth Mindset:

  1. Talking to people that they are gifted and talented takes away the need to learn more, as they will not be encouraged to move forward to and master.
  2. We are not gifted at birth we are born with the same opportunity, some is due to family influence, now is the time to change and praise the process of hard work and the potential that is now possible.
  3. Look at understanding will get you ahead.
  4. Never approve success, it is when you are not successful that you learn and grow to the next level.
  5. When you are told you would do it, do you just keep on going, maybe but it breaks defences down a little not like been told you need to look at this or that.
  6. A big problem may have a big solution, remember when you finish it what you have achieved and look forward to a more exciting future. Then build on it.
  7. When you are focused and your mindset is right, it’s not about getting the right answers it is how you actually attained that mark. Once you fundamentally understand the information you will always want to learn more
  8. Get excited about subject matter by why it is important and how it will help them in the future. The goal should never be to get the ‘correct’ answer, but to understand the topic at a fundamental, deep level, and want to learn more.

Doing something because its there is not as exciting as finding out the reason why, to discuss and change into a positive future

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