Find out how to work online. Matt Lloyd giving the details of his work. Let me tell you the story behind it first.

In March of 2015, I invested in a 11 night training event, which was held in Bali. Friends and family thought I was crazy. “Why would you invest that amount in some training event?” they would say… The answer, is because I understand that the greatest investment I can make in business and in life, is in myself.


I personally think it makes a lot of sense, to find people who’ve been able to make millions (or tens of millions) in their business, and to invest in their time to find out what they do.

One of the people that I invested in their time, was Matt Lloyd. Matt at the time was 28 years old, and, his company had paid out over $40 million in commissions. I actually became good friends with Matt and a business partner, and we ended writing a book together. (which by the way – if you’d like a copy, reply back to this email)

Matt’s just brought out a new book, and I’m extremely excited about it. It reveals everything he knows about ‘high ticket affiliate marketing’ – which is also what I do. ‘HTAM’ teaches people how to make big commissions – from $1000 per sale… right up to 10 grand for a single customer. Matt’s been doing this now for 7 years and has put everything he’s learned about it, into the book.


Over 240 pages which will teach you how to do this in your own business. Anyway, I just spoke with Matt and he’s agreed to send you a copy for free – in exchange for a testimonial ONLY IF you absolutely love it, and get a lot of value.

Here’s the link to go and get your free copy (just pay for S & H):

By the way – I just got a copy for myself. Can’t wait till it arrives and I can start implementing the strategies.

Talk soon,

David Waters

PS. I’m also going to be hosting a webinar with Matt in a few nights, for everyone who picks up a copy of the book. So, once you have the book, reply back and let me know. I’ll send you a private invite link to the workshop, so you can listen in and hear Matt teach his strategies.

Here’s the link to go and get your free copy (just pay for S & H):